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We spoke with a previous tenant (there is an apt next door) and she informed us that she moved out because the landlord wouldn't do anything about her mouse problem. The landlord threatened to evict us and became very hostile.He threatened to make my boyfriend sign his new lease which explicitly bans GSD's (Our old leases do not have a breed ban). Alabama Our problem is a long story and fairly complicated. Both my boyfriend and I had the same landlord though we each had seperate apartments.He harassed me about the dog, complained about the dog and basically was generally unpleasant about any repairs on the house (none of which were resulting from anything the dog did).We have nothing to hide, but this is very unsettling. We have been told that we shouldn't have been paying rent on a place with so many needed repairs when the landlord just flat out refuses to take care of it.Now he is price gouging and threatening us so that we'll move out. Any advice on how to handle this unstable man would be greatly appreciated.

I lived at my residence for 3 years and he has had this one for over 5 years. When I signed my lease at my old apt my landlord said that it was ok if I had the dog (a GSD) as long as I paid a pet deposit, which I did.

His girlfriend sleeps over often, though like me, has a permanent residence elsewhere.

In the past few months my boyfriend has had to ask the landlord to make some critical repairs (the unit is an older house and has not been maintained very well.) It took almost a year for him to repair a leaky roof in the kitchen.

The dogs are large but he has agreed for them to be there.

We have never received anything in writing asking for them to be removed.

This is just one example of how our landlord/tenant relationship went.

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An intimidating tenant introduction

An intimidating tenant

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