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A delightful beach front hotel, with high levels of customer service. It felt quite safe and was at the end of the beach which meant not anybody could just walk through which was nice and not very busy at this time of year.and is this a valid concern or just one of those AFC self-defeating questions?

Anyway some of my female friends say that I seem gruff and intimidating but can't put their finger on why.

• Never look at the floor (down) when you walk (look above horizon) • Expose your chest • Shoulders up (in relaxed way) • When you walk, walk slowly, bigger steps, but slow.

• Use lot of space no matter where you are, because it radiates with confidence...

• It must be at the same speed, otherwise they will tell you that you are 'trying to be cool' (cause you are sending different messages on different levels...

so you are not CONGURANT (he is lying)) One more really important thing, my friend would tell you "Pick-Up doesn't start when you approach her, it starts when you WAKE UP in morning! A different subject is attraction: In order to attract a girl or woman, you must first understand why and how they think. That reaction is totally normal -- she meets a guy, and this guy is funny, good looking, interesting, romantic, not needy... of course she is interested in getting to know him better (read: sleeping with him).

After reading a few books on body language i've picked up on a few things that I've been practicing not doing (crossing my arms, frowning, etc).

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