Decision making healthy social dating relationships

The decision is measured by the goodness of the outcome for the most people.The social work stipulates that if a dual relationship is exploitative, whether it begins before, during, or after a professional relationship, it should be avoided.

As distinctive and positive as it is, this concept lends itself to developing secondary relationships.

A debate has emerged in the social work field about dual relationships.

On one side are those who support avoiding dual relationships at all costs.

She refers to the American Psychological Association, which provides the following specific contextual factors when deciding whether a dual relationship is appropriate: • the amount of time that has passed since the professional relationship; • the nature, duration, and intensity of the professional relationship; • the circumstance of termination; • the client’s history and vulnerability; • the client’s current mental status; and • the likelihood of an adverse impact on the client.

It could be argued that these criteria provide a loophole for retrospective rationalization for impaired objectivity.

These relationships can include nonsexual and legitimate interactions, many of which are unplanned and inadvertent, yet still have ethical ramifications.

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Decision making healthy social dating relationships introduction

Decision making healthy social dating relationships

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