Favicon not updating

From the beginning we had default Blogger "B" icon as the favicon for our blogger hosted blogs but as more people wished to have their own different favicon on their blog, Blogger launched a new feature using which you could upload your own Favicon file from the Layout tab in your Blogger Dashboard.

This was a great upgrade for Blogger users, as we could now upload our own Favicon file on the the same domain.

At this point, if you’re lucky, the icon in the navigation tab should be the correct one.

If you are not, try to close the tab, restart your browser and reload the page in a new tab.

Have you ever noticed a small image on your browser's tab while visiting a site?

This is called a favicon, and adding one to your site is a simple way to make your logo even more memorable for visitors and make your link stand out in a list of bookmarks.

It can be fixed by refreshing your blog using I noticed that the website and favicon on that domain are cached separately, I am not sure about the exact reason but maybe it's because favicon needs to be used in bookmarks so it's separately stored by the browser for use in bookmars and other areas in the browser where it might need to use the site's Favicon.

We can play a small trick to refresh the Favicon cache too, here's the way.

This includes both code snippets embedded in the card text and code that is included as a file attachment.

If your site is upgraded to one of our paid subscriptions, you can do this very easily.

You'll find the option to upload a favicon for your site under the General section of Settings.

file on your server, but your browser is still showing the old one?

It’s probably browser caching issue, so if you need to do a local refresh, look no further (see below if it’s actually a server issue).

Last time I had to do this for a Rails app my Google-fu was apparentely too week to find the answer, so I’m posting the solution for next time I have to do it.

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Favicon not updating introduction

Favicon not updating

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