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Proof against carbon dating

As far as your comments that 16,000 years is older than when God created the earth, we know that there is more carbon in the atmosphere than there was a thousand years ago. It is somewhat accurate back to a few thousand years, but carbon dating is not accurate past this. However, this does not mean that the earth is 30 thousand years old. Because of the earths declining magnetic field, more radiation (which forms C14) is allowed into the earths atmosphere.

They ignore evidence that does not fit their preconceived notion.Many people are under the false impression that carbon dating proves that dinosaurs and other extinct animals lived millions of years ago.What many do not realize is that carbon dating is not used to date dinosaurs. Carbon dating is only accurate back a few thousand years.When each of these elements, uranium, potassium, radium etc.were switched on, it would only be natural for them to behave according to their individual properties, eventually acquiring stable half-lives of decay, at different rates.

Libbey knew that atmospheric carbon would reach equilibrium in 30,000 years.

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Proof against carbon dating introduction

Proof against carbon dating

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