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Wpf listbox selecteditem not updating

up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 I am using Caliburn.micro to make a GUI for a regular expressions library, and for the most part it works. The exception's stack trace describes how the inconsistencies were detected, not how they occurred. What is the best way to programmatically refresh these item lists?

But when you try to load new dictionaries or regex patterns, an unhandled exception will be thrown and the program crashes. To get a more timely exception, set the attached property 'Presentation Trace Sources. Putting Notify Of Property Change(() = Active Regex Library);in the setters as usually done for non-list properties in Caliburn doesn't seem to work here, and because I'm using Caliburn, I figured I shouldn't directly touch the view with the VM. I'm quite new to WPF and Caliburn and I hope I can find the right answer here.

If you want more info on it, you can read the MSDN page of this new property.

It does seem more intuitive to take this approach however Data Grid Columns are not actually part of the visual tree and only the Binding DPs will actually be set on generated cell elements to inherit Data Grid’s Data Context.

Since WPF 4.5, the Binding has a new property named ‘Delay’ which defines a timespan after which the source is updated. As this is an added property on the Binding, you only have to define it on each Binding you create.

Each update of the target value will be done only after this delay and only if none has been done since. The delay is defined in milliseconds and the default value of ‘0’ reproduce the classic behavior of a Binding.

This synchronisation is done immediately : each change of the target value, even a tiny tiny one update the source.

By reading it you’ll discover what is the goal of this property, how to use it and some scenario where it is really useful and smart to use it.

A binding is done between two objects : the source (where the data comes from) and the target (where the data go to).

, to which the combo box still appears to hold a reference at this moment – which brings it down to a question of proper coercion.

Or maybe not – the reason behind this is not entirely clear to me.

I'm trying to use a Tab Control to switch between User Controls (each tab is different, so not using Items) Here's the breakdown: I have my mainview, and 3 usercontrols.

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Wpf listbox selecteditem not updating introduction

Wpf listbox selecteditem not updating

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